CPS star Siddhesh Niphadkar shining as Youngest Achiever of INDIA BOOK OF RECORD::City Pride School has been awarded as The School of the Nation Award 2018-19 by Funtoot::Remarkable achievement in Maharashtra state scholarship Exam. 10 students from City Pride School appeared in the CBSE State Merit List::City Pride School once again secured top position in the category of Screen time management conducted by Times school Online education survey 2020::City Pride School gives preference to Konkani linguistic community for admissions::CPS students bagged 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 2 bronze medals in Dr. Homibhabha young Scientists Exam::The best school, City Pride School receives International School Award 2019-2022 by British Council::India's School Merit Awards 2019 has been declared and City Pride School is Ranked Number 1 in India under the Top CBSE School for the parameter "Value for Money"
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   Name: Juveriya Inamdar      Date: 25-08-2022

"What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning."- CHUCK GRASSLEY. City Pride School provides an environment for qualitative education, personality development, social growth and has a vision to develop children into enlightened citizens of tomorrow. I feel very proud to be a part of such institution. The school is well equipped with all the facilities which makes teaching learning process enjoyable. The students of our school are very interested, excited for all activities and they enjoy. We celebrate each and every festival, national and international days with great enthusiasm. Not only students but the school gives a fair chance to teachers to upgrade themselves. We have liberty to explore and experiment new things. The school management continuously works for the enrichment of the school. It’s a great place to study, work and play.

   Name: Shirin Mirajkar      Date: 28-02-2022

City Pride school works with a mission that emphasizes on quality education in a facilitative, challenging and positive environment and a vision to develop children into enlightened citizens of tomorrow….to achieve its vision and mission School has never comprised in any situation. During pandemic the education system was going through the transition phase from class room teaching to digital learning environment City Pride School, Ravet started with the same vision and mission and maintained its legacy by completing its first academic year successfully by focusing and implementing on innovative ways of teaching learning process to give its best to every student. Introducing blended teaching learning approach to meet the learning needs of children in the pandemic situation. I feel proud to be a part of City Pride Family. The management, principal and the staff here are always supportive and encouraging. I was able to give my best under the guidance of multipotentialite mentor the Principal of City Pride School, Ravet. This was a wonderful learning year for me as a teacher at City Pride School.

   Name: Athira Nair      Date: 10-02-2022

It's a blessing to be part of City Pride School. City Pride School has the best infrastructure which enhances the learning experience of the students as well as the working experience of the staff. The curriculum and activities are designed in such a manner to polish them to bring out the best from the them to knit a very bright future. It's like a family here, where each one stands for the other and as it's said that "A teamwork makes the dream work" that's the reason why the motto of the school stands true "Reaching new heights".

   Name: Minaxi Waingade      Date: 31-01-2022

Name: Minaxi Waingade Date: 31/01/2022 CITY PRIDE SCHOOL is the best school in PCMC. It was my dream to be a part of City Pride family. I remember the day when I was selected as a teacher in CPSR. It was a thing of great joy for me. The support and faith from our Director, Ashwini ma’am and Principal, Sumedha ma’am always encourages me to give my best towards my vocation. I am also thankful to our coordinator Dhanashree miss and other teaching staff for their timely support. City Pride school arranges different training programs through which teachers can upgrade their skills and be a 21stcentury teacher. It helps us to use many innovative teaching ideas like “Young explorer”, Chit-chat and so on, through which children explore and share their thoughts and ideas confidently with their peers even at the small age of preschool. I am really enjoying my journey as a teacher with City Pride family!!

   Name: Shachi Srivastava      Date: 19-12-2021

Greetings to the readers! Having spent over a decade with City Pride School family initially as a parent and then as a teacher, one thing I can say without a flinch is that it is the best place for one ' s growth. May it be for a student or even me as a teacher. The school ' s strong desire to positively influence and educate children marks its presence around the city. Each and every day I yearn to strive for better as I get motivated by our amazing Directors, Principal ma ' am and collegues around me, making me want to follow our words diligently, REACHING NEW HEIGHTS. Teaching is actually a two way process in today ' s world, in which both the teacher and students have the opportunity to learn from each other. Working in the balanced mixture of academics, sports, performing arts aptly combined with our ethics and Indian tradition creates the beautiful synergy, resulting to all the glorious awards and recognitions received by the students, the teachers and the school. Lastly I would like to end with " Educators are the only ones in the world who lose sleep worrying over other people ' s kids future " , and I can proudly say that I belong to one such amazing group of educators. Shachi Srivastava

   Name: MINAKSHI AMOL TULASKAR      Date: 09-12-2021

CITY PRIDE SCHOOL BLOG FOR DECEMBER MONTH (2021-2022) Did you ever feel, your dream come true? Have you experienced the happiness of being content and having a feel of being satisfied with your own shell? I have experienced this all when I received the call for being considered as a part of CPS family .My own extended family outside the 4 walls of my house. I am really glad that School has given me the opportunity to work, in its foundation year itself. The school is well-equipped with all the technical aspect. Though it is going online, syllabus is designed in such a way that the teacher-student bond is developed very nicely in this 6-8 months period. Ongoing physical chit chat with our little ones is a “Cherry on the Cake” for me as a teacher in this pandemic situation. School is taking care of each and every minute aspect though not working physically. I feel proud and grateful to be the member of this CPS family.

   Name: Mayuri Devale      Date: 26-11-2021

Children ' s Day - Let ' s Celebrate Child Within You. While we try to teach Children all about life,Children teach us what life is all about.We learn a lot of things by observing them closely.On every Children day we really miss our childhood days i.e. being mischievious,playing games those silly fights and most important is that innocence.I really feel blessed being a part of City Pride this year I could really live those days again.But School without kids is like garden without flowers so we really wish our garden should bloom again with our kids.

   Name: Vinita Bhise      Date: 15-11-2021

It is my first year in CPSR as a mother teacher of IInd LOVE. I feel honored and privileged to write about my school. I feel blessed to be a part of CPSR family. I am fortunate to have strong supportive pillars as our principal ma'am (Mrs. Sumedha) and co-ordinator ma'am (Mrs. Ritu). My colleagues are also very enthusiastic. Our director ma'am (Mrs.Ashwini and Mrs.Deepali) both are very creative and supportive. "The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill and the willingness to learn is a choice." And I choose CPS as a learning curve. Thank you.

   Name: SAPNA SINGH      Date: 21-10-2021

All birds find shelter during a rain.But the eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds.Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference... Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.
The pandemic situation truly made us warriors , we faced challenges and rose above them . Past two years had been a phase of learning and unique experience , especially when we observe in the field of education ,we have learnt and discovered the meaning of ‘ True Education ’ , it is nothing but a continuous process to learn ,unlearn and relearn , we had implemented quick and latest technology in the segment which had been stagnant for past few years , isn t it great ! . We had overcome the various constraints and tried our best as teachers to reach out to our students . Although distant socially but we are helping each other mutually to face this tough time.

   Name: pankaja      Date: 29-09-2021

Sports play a very valuable role in our life.it is given much importance since the ancient time.At city pride school sports is considered as a backbone of each child as it educates them to develop a fit body and healthy mind.sports teaches various qualities like tolerance,descipline,patience,dedication and value of team spirit.It helps to combat stress.sports benefits a person in many ways and good health and peaceful mind are the two most promised outcomes of sports.

   Name: Aarya Dandekar      Date: 28-09-2021

It takes one person to be a light in someones life. It take one person to be a helping hand. It takes one person to change an unmotivated, broken life, and make it brand new. Teachers are those people. We motivate students to do their best, we guide students to success when no one else will, and we are always available to listen. One teacher can change the lives of thousands of students. That is my motivation. City pride provides the platform to me to achieve those goals.It provides me all support to make a difference in the life of students in positive way. After teaching for almost 6 months,I am delighted to say that my experience in CPS has been fantastic. The Principal(Sumedha Mam), co-ordinator Ritu Mam,teaching staff,non-teaching staff have been helpful and at the same time the senior faculty including Director(Ashwini mam and Deepali Mam),have been very approachable.

   Name: Smruti Sathe      Date: 01-09-2021

Though teachers write in black and white, they bring colour in students life. Becoming a part of CPS family is realising and reliving this every day. Day in and day out, I am learning to grow and discover myself. Working in this organisation is proving to be one of the most wonderful blessing in my life. The world of City Pride is very nurturing and inspiring and I am so grateful to be a part of it. The creator of this world, Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni is a very passionate, honest, energetic and kind person. She is a great inspiration for all of us. As Teachers Day is round the corner, I would like to wish all my talented colleagues, co-ordinators, Sumedha Madam and the Management a Happy Teachers Day.

   Name: Cheryll Gotur      Date: 27-08-2021

In the midst of one of the most challenging pandemics, our school came to life. Being my very first year at CPS, I am proud to say that working at CPS, Ravet has been a joyous and a fruitful experience. I am truly grateful to the management and our principal who are leaving no stone unturned in moulding us to become excellent educators of the 21st Century. The warmth we feel is like no other. The transparency and efficiency that we witness at every level is truly commendable. The best encounter I have had so far is with our Principal Mam. She has been the driving force for each one of us. She is A Teacher at heart, A Mentor, A Companion and everything in between. No matter who you are, the immense faith that Mam has in each one of us truly helps us to learn, grow and evolve. Blessed to be a part of this wonderful family and I am super excited to continue my journey at CPS, Ravet that pushes every individual to Reach New Heights !!!