City Pride School being a Konkani Linguistic School, Konkani Linguistic students will be given direct admission for LKG class. ::Shubhamkar Kulkarni of Std-I has Received Certificate of participation for Guinness World Record in the largest rollerskate sentence is made of 1039 roller skates and was achieved by Shivgana R.S.C.(India), in Karnataka, India on 29th May 2022. ::City Pride School once again secured top position in the category of Screen time management conducted by Times school Online education survey 2020::City Pride School gives preference to Konkani linguistic community for admissions:: City Pride School once again gets the top position in two categories Highest Parent Satisfaction and as Next Generation School in Times School Survey.
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   Name: Shaunak Rajvaidya

Hello everyone greetings from me, I am Shaunak Rajvaidya from class VI Faith currently studying in City Pride School Ravet. I am extremely happy studying in this school and am very enthusiastic to learn new things and try my hands on various activities. All the teachers have a great and positive attitude towards all the students. Exams are not a load of tension for me, I am well prepared before each exam and understand the concepts well. We have various competitions. We have Inter and Intra school competitions along with many external exams. We focus on both academics and sports equally. In sports some children get opportunities to go to state and even national levels. The atmosphere while learning is very pleasant and during programmes and various competitions, the vibes we get are not forgotten easily. Hope you get my view about what I feel about my school.

   Name: Anvi Gedam

City Pride School Ravet is a wonderful school which encourages children to follow their dreams. The school also changes the personality of the students making them independent and teaching them to become responsible. Academics is not an issue. If we any conumdrum the teacher is always welcome for solutions .City Pride School has started a programme called Leader In Me this programme sets a perspective of students to manage any task,situation ,etc.There is also a subject called skill labs which has four forms from sixth standard Robotronics,special arts etc.The students are always frolisome to learn new things . Competitions are a big part of this school and it does not matter if we win or not because eveybody always fascinates us to retry. The walls are handpainted by our teachers hardwork and efforts.The school is always ready to reach new heights each day.The school is decorated to give profound vibes and everyone is sagacious . The school is meticulous in each corner of the school .The students always take unos for anything . So that is why I Anvi Gedam love this school as our school moto says Reaching New Heights.

   Name: Paavani Chaudhari

Our dear school is just so cool for we are all united as one. Some people say that going to school is uncool but for us its just fun. The Seven Habits from Leader In Me every child knows them even from grade three. Begin your day with the end in mind has helped me to be organized. Be Proactive not Reactive is related to your emotions, it has helped me to come close to my family and friends. Put First Things First has helped me to plan my activities accordingly. Think Win Win has helped me to enhance my relations with all my relatives, friends and family. Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood has helped me to concentrate on what my peers are talking about and take in more and more information. Synergize has helped me to team up with others and make our projects more attractive. Sharpen the Saw means practicing all the habits and including them in your lifestyle. Activities, doing extraordinary things and fun is a part of our culture, and so hence I say that City Pride School is our pride and is just as cool.

   Name: Deeptangshu Poddar

Our school is very big. It is very modern. There are many amenities such as our creya lab in which we learn robotics and animation. A computer lab in which we learn things that are new to us technologically. We have a special period called L.I.M which helps to develop a better personality. It helped me a lot as I was not punctual. It has helped me to manage my time properly. We have many competitive exams such as I.P.M, Homi Bhabha, Scholarship etc. The exams have made me more competitive and confident. My school has a very big ground on which we conduct assemblies. The school also has bus facilities. I love my school a lot as it helps me reach new heights.

   Name: Aashi Agrawal

Hello there. I am Aashi currently studying in 6th standard. Here facilitative learning helps me a lot in competitive exams. Like the avid readers programme, open door etc. It makes me have that competitive spirit. It even helps me to performing better and better in my academics each day. We have different programmes such as leader in me, many sports competitions, many academics related competitions also. It makes our day-to-day schooling special from some or the other point. It even makes us feel very excited and joyful to come to school every day. I hope you get my view of what I feel about my school. Well, this is me signing off.

   Name: Saumya Akhilesham

Hello all. My name is Saumya Akhilesham currently studying in class VIth Faith of City Pride School Ravet. I am really happy studying in my school. The vibes which I get while studying in my class are just awesome and wonderful. The teachers always have a good attitude and are always good natured towards the students. I like spending my day studying and laughing with my friends. We not only focus on our academics but also on our sports and non-academics. We get opportunities to attend many competative exams which help us understand our concepts even better like Open Door and Homi Bhabha. Our school library is well- equipped with books on different genre. We always try to shine with an Avid Reader Badge which helps us to be a good reader. Our every day at school is full of fun and opportunities to new learnings and knowledge that help us to be a good human being in our lives.

   Name: Saumya Madhu Akhilesham

Myself Saumya Madhu Akhilesham, from class 6th Faith of Ravet branch.I would like to share with you all my experiences with offline school. When I thought that my online school was not that fruitful, my parents and I decided to change my school. Then I got admission in City Pride School, Ravet and I was happy. The offline school was more beneficial than the online school. We had fewer distractions and more focus on our studies. We became more punctual. We were even able to enjoy many celebrations, activities, and color days too. There was not enough discipline in online instead of offline school. In offline we can meet our classmates and share our knowledge and views on different things. It was not easy for the teacher to monitor the class in online classes. I got better marks than before because of face-to-face learning.

   Name: Keiyona

My Amazing Journey: Two Years in City Pride School as a 5th Grader. Hello, everyone! My name is Keiyona, currently I am in 5th standard. Today I want to share my incredible experience of attending school for the last two years. These two years have been full of laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments. Join me as I take you through my exciting journey in school and the memories that will stay with me forever. The First Day - A Mixture of Nervousness and Excitement: I remember waking up on my first day of 3rd grade feeling a mix of emotions. I had just come back from the USA, never had any memorable school experience in India. I was excited to meet new friends, learn from inspiring teachers, and explore various subjects. However, I could not help but feel a little nervous about the unknown. I was not very used to writing. Most of the things were verbal & practical so far for me. Initially it was challenging for me. I always used to escape from writing. But my wonderful teachers always appreciated & motivated me to practice writing more. That time I barely used to understand Hindi, forget about Marathi. But in no time I grasped Marathi, thanks to my amazing friends. One of the most beautiful aspects of school life is the friendships. I was fortunate enough to meet incredible classmates who became my closest friends. We shared laughter, secrets, and supported each other through both the ups and downs. Apart from subjects & regular classroom teaching, we also have fun, educational field trips! We even have a class picnic once in a year where we get to do many fun activities. City Pride School is not just about textbooks and exams; it is also about discovering our passions and talents. I had the opportunity to explore various extracurricular activities, such as art, music, and sports. Looking back on my two years in City Pride school as a 5th grade student, I can not help but feel immense gratitude for the incredible experiences and memories I have gained. All the teachers are very very helpful & caring. I want to say special thanks to our principal mam (Sumedha mam) for always having faith in me. She is one of my role models & I want to be like her when I grow up. My school is a magical place where dreams are nurtured and futures are built. I will make the most of it, and make my school proud. Thanks Keiyona